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4 Benefits of Business Blogging for Your Health & Wellness Business

It helps increase traffic to your website

By writing a blog post, it’s another indexed page that search engines like Google identifies and presents to consumers looking for services like yours. These blogs also help you get discovered on Facebook by sharing.

It helps convert website traffic into leads

Once your website traffic increases from your blog, it’s time to convert that traffic into leads. By adding buttons and web forms with specific calls-to-action for for offers and free trials, consumers can submit their information as a qualified lead.

It helps increase traffic to your website

In order to be the leader in the health & wellness industry the best companies use their blog to help consumers answer common questions about the industry and their services. By providing useful information to consumers, you can quickly establish your business as an authority.

Increases long-term results

Over 70% of our traffic comes from blog posts from previous months so by implementing a consistent blog marketing campaign, you’ll get a compounding effect on your results over longer periods of time. As you get more traffic over time, search engines like Google will receive signals that your content is useful and relevant therefore boosting your rankings.

How MyZenda Content Services Work

Identify Your Target Market

Knowing your target market is critical. All we do is focus on the health & wellness industry so we’ll guide you through the buyer persona and journey of your target market.

Content Creation

Content marketing is a strategic part of distributing relevant, useful and consistent content to attract your target audience. Don’t worry, we’ll do it for you.

Automatic Distribution (on your site, on your FB page & on MyZenda)

By knowing your target audience and where they go to search for products and services like yours, we’ll automatically distribute your content at the right time and the right place.

Landing Page Creation

Landing pages that are built to convert are key to your inbound lead generation campaigns. With our experience, you can stop guessing and start selling.

Measure Results

We don’t do anything unless we can measure success and so should you. With MyZenda Analytics, you’ll be able to visually track the key metrics that matter.

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