4 Spa Retreats Near Metro Manila You Must Visit

May 29, 2017

Practicing a healthy lifestyle not only includes proper diet and exercise. It should also include rest, recharge, and relaxation. Taking care of both mind and body are important and key to a balanced lifestyle. 

Spa retreats offer all of these and are a welcome reprieve to the stress, and intensity that comes with living and working in the city. 

Here are four spas that are no more than a three-hour drive from Metro Manila.

1. The Farm at San Benito - Batangas

Situated about ninety minutes south of Metro Manila, The Farm at San Benito is arguably the Philippines’ premiere luxurious holistic wellness retreat. The Farm has consistently received accolades from TripAdvisor, SPAFinder’s Readers Choice Awards, and Asia SPA Awards.

“Our philosophy is basically going back to nature, removing blockages that hinder the healing from within. With a modern lifestyle, there’s a difference in the pace and a lot of the modern day illnesses would be because of the separation from the biological rhythm and the fast pace of life,” explains Dr. Marian Alonzo, a specialist in integrated medicine.

The Farm offers the following medical healing services for the mind and body:

  • Detox cleansing and weight management programs
  • Their signature Filipino, Asian, and European massages, scrubs, and treatments 
  • Alive! Restaurant which serves vegan cuisine with produce from their own gardens
  • Activities ranging from fitness classes to golf, or swimming in their infinity pool

2. Nurture Wellness Village - Tagaytay

Nurture Wellness’ philosophy follows the CHOICES wellness model developed by Cathy Turvill which stands for: 

  • C-Control Stress/Choose to be Positive; 
  • H-healthy eating
  • O-oxygenate
  • I-immune boost
  • C-cleanse mind, body, spirit
  • E-embrace healing therapies
  • S-sleep, social and spiritual connections

They offer a variety of healing services using the Filipino ancient traditions. These include spa treatments such as “hilot” - the Filipino massage and Nilaib - hot stone massage; detox and weight loss program; and holistic health services to treat chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. 

Nurture Village also has its own restaurant, “Gabriella’s”, which uses its own produce grown from their gardens or from nearby farms. They want their guests to enjoy the state of wellness by making food that’s tasty and healthy at the same time. Their menu has something for everyone, from meat eaters to vegetarian and vegan.

Nurture also provides other activities such organic farm tour, cooking classes, lifestyle seminars, Taal Lake tour, heritage tours, and adventure tours.

They offer many package options for every budget, including “glamping” also known as glamorous camping under the stars.

3. Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa - Antipolo

Located along the hillside overlooking the stunning vistas of Antipolo, Laguna de Bay, and Metro Manila, Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa provides a welcome respite amid the lush greenery under the canopy of ancient Balete trees. 

They are one of the best kept secrets in the Antipolo area for wellness because the spa is part of the Loreland resort so you can easily miss the entrance while driving there. Ramon Marinas, Operations Manager at Luljetta’s, explains that one of their inspirations in developing the property was to showcase Philippine architecture and the family’s own personal collection of Philippine made furniture and over time collections from their travels around Southeast Asia.  

Aside from their usual offering of spa treatments and body scrubs and their hydrotherapy pools which they are known for, Luljetta provides different packages for guests to fully enjoy their spa experience and stay, which includes access to the facilities including the pools, a hearty snack or meal, and your choice of massage.   

4. Qiwellness Living - Tagaytay

Inspired by China’s architecture, cuisine, and ancient healing practices, Qiwellness offers holistic treatments that combines these ancient practices with modern medical advances. 

Their services and treatments include reflexology session, four different massages, and their Bathhouse Experience which includes access to the yin and yang (cold and hot) soaking pools, steam room and shower, as well as a 75- minute massage of your choice. 

If you’re looking for a place that has a no frills understated peaceful environment and you’re only there to enjoy the the services, treatments, and the food, then this is the wellness place for you. They are neither a hotel nor a resort and they do not provide hotel amenities and facilities. 


Spa retreats are wonderful places to recharge the mind, body, and soul and should be a part of practicing a healthy lifestyle. They not only nurture and provide nourishment, but also provide healing, rejuvenation, and a transformative experience.

These four wellness retreats offer something for everyone and for every budget, and all within a three-hour drive from the city. 

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