3 Nail Spas for A Girl’s Night Out In Manila

Mar 27, 2017

The fast paced urban lifestyle we live today doesn’t always give us room to breathe and wind down. While we often dream of dropping our bags and jumping on the next flight to a paradise getaway, it isn’t always as easy as it sounds. 

Fortunately there’s another way to spend that hard earned time. A day all about you and your friends might just be what you need to feel alive again and there’s no better way to do that than booking an evening at a nail spa.

A nice warm foot spa to rest those aching feet. Nail polish to brighten your weary hands and worn fingers and a nice change of pace while you soak in the ambiance of the spa and aura of good company. 

Allow yourself to be pampered to the fullest and have a night out with the girls with these 3 picks for nail spas in Manila.

1. BeesWax Waxing and Nail Care

BeesWax Waxing and Nail Care salon takes pride in using organic and vegan products in their services. As their store name suggests, they offer a variety of nail care and waxing services.

You’ll be welcomed by their friendly staff the moment you step in. The colors are warm and inviting so you’ll instantly feel relaxed. Honeycomb patterns furnish their interiors to give off a very sweet and natural vibe.

Each chair comes with their own sink and faucet for foot spas. Their chairs are spaced at just the right length apart from each other in a way that’s not too cramped but not too far apart. So you’ll still be trading stories with your barkada while getting the right amount of “you”-time you deserve.

Dark wood and amber tones common throughout the shop only intensify the rich smell of natural honey they use for their waxing services. 

Sitting in their comfortable chairs, it’s easy to feel like a queen bee while getting your nails done. Their nail polishes and nail polish removers are from Zoya-- an international brand famous for their non-toxic and long-lasting products. 

They offer a wide variety of nail polish colors from their Zoya line and their trained staff work like busy bees and delivery quality service at every appointment. 

2. Posh Nails

One of the pioneers of the nail care scene in the Philippines, this nail spa is on its fifteenth anniversary this year and continues to grow and cater to the pampering needs of both young and old. 

The pink and soft atmosphere of this nail spa will attract the inner princess in every woman. Their ultra luxurious pampering packages will have you and your girl friends feeling like Cinderella getting ready for the ball.

Want to treat all your friends for a double celebration? The “SPArty” packages are the perfect choice for a group of ten or more. They cater to special events like birthdays, baby showers, and bridal showers. 

Posh Nails has everything a girl could possibly want in a nail spa. They offer your “Basic Refresh” manicure and pedicure set. Firstly, they soak your hands and feet to help you relax. Next they massage your hands and feet and allow your skin to soak in their scrubs and lotions. 

One of their latest additions to their roster is the “DETOX Mani+Pedi.” You get the same service and quality as the “Basic Refresh” package with an added bonus for your nails’ health. Posh Nails uses Cuccio products in their DETOX package which is well known for their natural beauty products. 

The “DETOX Mani+Pedi” is a perfect way to destress and flush toxins out of your system. No trip to reinvigorate your tired body would be complete without a detoxifying treatment. 

3. Nail-a-holics

With over seventy branches open for business nation-wide, Nailaholics is easily accessible for your girls’ day spa trip. 

Their accommodating staff will greet you with friendly smiles that should instantly set you at ease. Nailaholics is bright and cheery with light wood and light blues that give off a summer vibe. Their aesthetically pleasing interiors and decorations will help set the mood by reminding you of the beach.

They offer a complete package of mani and pedis each with a distinct beach-y feel. With dozens of packages to choose from, you and your friends will definitely achieve total relaxation.

Try their “Underwater Seaweed Firming Foot Spa”, which takes the gifts of the sea and use them to scrub the dead skin away to detoxify and tighten your skin. The soothing smell of lemongrass with the combined sea salts used for scrubbing will have you feeling like you’re by the beach in no time.

You can also host parties and events with their spa party packages. This includes free use of the shop for two hours and unlimited drinks and snacks to complete the beach party feeling. 


Don’t wait for your nails to break down before you give yourself a break. You deserve a chance to rest and relax. Recharge your energy and prepare to conquer the week ahead with a night out at the nail spa. 

So what are you waiting for? Call your friends up and start planning your next spa date!

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