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Jan 03, 2017

 You know how hard it is to diet. You’ve tried and tried, but inevitably, there are just too many factors that causes you to slip up and eventually fall back into our old habits. 

There are countless reasons why you might not be able to stick to your diet such as, it’s too difficult to separate yourself from your household member’s diets, or you may not be able to spend that much time cooking, or you just don’t want to be bothered with all of it.

Fortunately there is an answer to your problems. In the Metro alone there are countless diet delivery services who have recognized the need that we all have to stick to a healthy diet amid all of the hustle and bustle that goes into our busy lifestyles.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of using a diet delivery service as well as learn about our recommendations for diet delivery services for you to choose from.

Why use a meal delivery service?

Meal delivery services aren’t new – they’ve been around for years, but are just being embraced as we head towards a more health-oriented culture. Aside from the fact that they save everyone time, money, and bother, they have been utilized to get food and care to those in need. In Japan, meal delivery services have been utilized to cater to the rapidly aging population who can’t always make it out to do the groceries or even out of bed to make meals.

In the Philippines, the meal delivery service industry has existed for roughly five years. They cater mostly to people who want to keep to a stricter diet, but can’t, for some reason. Their followers swear by their convenience, and their results are undeniable.

Of course, using a meal service doesn’t guarantee weight loss success. That is still largely up to your discipline and how you manage your resources, but they do have their advantages – convenience, ease of following a diet, and less waste, to name a few. 

A few noteworthy meal delivery services

New meal delivery companies are popping up all over the place, and that’s good news for the consumer. More choices and better services are developing because of the competition, and now there’s little excuse to be unable to find a meal delivery service to meet your specific needs.

Here are come companies you may want to start with when you look for a provider of delicious, healthy grub delivered right to your doorstep:    

1. Diet Diva

A weight loss program and a meal service program wrapped into one neat package, Diet Diva is great for both men and women who don’t have the time to create meals with a specific calorie count.

Signup is easy. Register at the company’s website to join the program and they will make you a 5 days’ worth of meals, from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. They promise that the meals will taste good and only add to your calorie count by 1,200 calories. They deliver these to your door free of charge, unless you live a bit further from the metro than most, in which case they require a P20 delivery fee.  

Why is the calorie count so specific? DietDiva claims that 1200 calories/day is “the safest number of calories (on average) for both males & females across various age brackets for healthy and effective weight loss”. Any lower than that and the body’s “starvation mode” is triggered, causing it to slow metabolism and stow away fat and sugar in an effort to stay alive during what it believes is a famine.  

The only thing we didn’t love about Diet Diva is that they don’t offer meals for weekends. That, and that their payment options are still limited since they don’t accept credit card or Paypal payments. 

2. The Sexy Chef

The Sexy Chef wowed us with the range and depth of their offerings. They have a number of meal plans which are divided into Fit Meals and Diet Plans. The former are lunch and dinner packages which are designed to get you to eat healthy and maintain your weight, while the latter includes nutritionist-designed meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) aimed at helping to manage a specific condition (such as increased cholesterol) or lose weight.  

While you can choose to have your meals delivered daily or in batches, depending on your subscribed plan. However, you have to complete the payment first. Not unreasonable at all, especially since the company allows you to pay online as well as through bank deposit.    

3. Paleo Manila

Paleo Manila is believed to be the country’s Philippine’s first meal planner company that focused on a single kind of diet, and did so well that it was an almost instant hit. They offer a daily five-meal plan consisting of gluten-free, dairy-free, chemical- free, and non-GMO food, customized to meet dietary restrictions, food allergies, and medical conditions.

Boasting seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients, Paleo Manila has both corporate and private accounts. What we love, though, is their Paleo Manila® PLUS+ Portions option, which is meant to offer bigger portions for members who lead active lifestyles. 

We are also impressed with their flexibility. They have newbie meals for those making the transition into the diet, a range of plans that cover anything from a week to six months, concessions for people with allergies or other dietary constraints, and even a fully-customized option.

4. Isabel’s Dewy Morning Greens

At first glance, Isabel’s seems like it would be a vegan meal service, but it isn’t. The company defines itself as “a company that is dedicated to serving nutritious, natural, tasty, healthy, fresh and good-value food delivered to the homes of our customers”. They currently deliver only salads, made with pesticide-free vegetables straight from their farm and organic meats and seafood.  

Isabel’s seems like a smaller company, but we feel excited for the option of a green meal delivery service. Some meals are vegan, and if you want to exclude meats, you only have to pick those options from the menu they offer. They also have a series of subscriptions, which helps you schedule when you want your greens delivered.

Sadly, you can’t order their meals too far in advance. They are salads, after all, and cut greens won’t keep as long as other meals. Isabel’s knows this, and to make sure that their goods are the freshest possible, they deliver the day after you make your payment. 

5. The V Kitchen

There is finally a vegan option for those who want it. The V Kitchen is the Philippines’ first vegan and vegetarian meal planner and provider. All meals are gluten-free, made with no additional salt, and with no refined sugar or MSG.

For a purely vegan meal plan, you’ll be set back P3,600, while a mixed vegan and vegetarian meal plan costs P3,250. Each meal plan is good for 5 days, and all ingredients, even the accompanying sauces, are certified organic.  


Diet delivery services are a great option for the convenience of those seeking to eat right but can’t manage their diet themselves. They create nutritious, delicious meals that offer specific benefits such as weight loss, sugar reduction, or sustainability, and deliver these meals right to your doorstep. It’s like having a licensed dietician monitor what you’re eating, and they’re affordable.

These are but a few of the meal delivery service companies that have come into existence in the past few years, and there’s no sign that there’s a slowdown in the industry. We hope that you can check out the options open to you, and have a great year of eating clean!


Awesome list of Meal Delivery Services in Manila!

Phindies PH

Apr 11, 2017

We have a startup to help those in meal delivery service. It's YumPals (http://yumpals.com)



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