4 Healthy Restaurants in Capitol Commons

Apr 17, 2017

If you’ve ever met up with friends or clients in metro Manila you know how stressful just getting to your destination can be due to the traffic. 

Since Capitol Commons at the Estancia Mall is a popular meet up spot because it’s easily accessible from Makati, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Pasig and Quezon City we thought we’d help by putting together a list of healthy restaurants in the area for you to choose from.

After all, just because the traffic is bad doesn’t mean you should eat bad too! So without further ado, here are our top choice for healthy restaurants in Capitol Commons.

1. Poke/Poke 

The poke (pronounced poh-keh) craze has finally reached the Philippines! The concept of poke started in Hawaii and is popular among sushi die-hards who go crazy over this new take on the sushi classic. 

Poke is like deconstructed sushi which you eat over a bowl of rice or with other ingredients.

Positioned as a healthier, and tastier alternative to fast-food, poke bowls are a great way to eat something that is both enjoyable and good for you. 

From Head Chef Kel Zaguirre, the brains behind the popular Locavore comes Poke Poke which lets you create your own poke bowl in 6 easy steps.  

To begin, you start with your choice of a base like white rice, brown rice, or quinoa. If you want more protein and less carbs, quinoa is your best bet.  

If creating your own bowl takes the fun out of eating out, you can try one of several recommendations from the chef with their signature bowls. Fortunately, even if you have selected a signature bowl you can still ask the chef to add, remove, or substitute ingredients to your taste.

2. Wholesome Table

100% organic and locally sourced ingredients. Stepping into Wholesome Table brings you to a farm-house far away where you can imagine your host serving you food made with ingredients right from their farm. With their pure and simple comfort food, this is a place where you would want to chat, linger and indulge. 

Who says eating organic and healthy should taste awful? At Wholesome Table they have given “heathy” a new name. You can still have your favorite comfort food but with organic ingredients.

Known for their nutritious "Power Bowls", a crowd favorite is their take on the poke bowl.

Even their choice of desserts seem to be guilt-free to some extent since each food item has its own ingredients declaration.

3. Mary Grace  

This very popular chain of restaurants and kiosks traces its origins to rather humble beginnings. 

It all started with Mary Grace Dimacali selling ensaymadas in bazaars. While it cannot be said that these fluffy sugar-laced pastries are not for the calorie-conscious, Mary Grace offers several alternatives for those who count calorie. 

One crowd favorite is their “Kesong Puti Salad.” Mary Grace takes the popular Filipino calamansi and uses that as a vinaigrette dressing. She mixes that with fried Kesong Puti on lettuce and tomatoes. 

Sandwiches are accompanied by home-made potato chips. Pastas are made with 100% olive oil, cooked al dente using real stock. While their menu does not claim to be organic, fresh ingredients are used.

Even their iced teas are made from scratch. Why not share a pitcher while chatting with a friend since doing so is know to be very healthy for the brain.  

4. Ba Noi’s 

There are not a lot of Vietnamese restaurants in Metro Manila, but the ones that are around serve really good food. 

Ba Noi’s is one of the most popular. It started in that popular food strip along East Capitol Drive in Kapitolyo, Pasig.

Ever wonder why Vietnamese men and women are slim? And why they also happen to have a high life expectancy as compared to their Asian neighbors? It’s because Vietnamese cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world

When you visit Ba Noi try their Pho. It’s loaded with fresh veggies like bean sprouts, and can be the perfect comfort food when you’re not feeling well. 

Another popular choice is the Vietnamese spring roll which you can dip in sweet chili sauce. And let’s not forget their “Bo Luc Lac” (beef served with basil) which is surprisingly tender and flavorful.


We are lucky to be alive at a time when there is a huge variety of food options, and even luckier to be around at a time when these food options are healthy too. In the past, “healthy” meant boring, bland and often times expensive. 

So if you’re looking to make a lifestyle change, start by trying one of these healthy restaurants that are guaranteed to not disappoint!      

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