How To Set Up A Twitter Account: A Beginner's Guide

May 08, 2017

Being one of the most popular social networks in the world, Twitter has become an important tool for health & wellness businesses. It has the ability to drive traffic to your website, promote your products and services and expose your content to your target audience.

Businesses of all sizes use Twitter to help new customers find them for the first time. 

Having a Twitter account for your health & wellness company is a good way to engage with other users and form strong connections that will help your business. Growing your online presence is key to running a successful health & wellness business and Twitter’s steady growth rate of 135,000 users a day is too big to ignore.

Setting up your Twitter account is pretty simple. Here are a few tips to help you get your account set up properly.

1. Go to Twitter’s homepage and fill out their Sign-Up Form

  • Go to Twitter.com
  • Type in your information, including your business name, phone number, email address and password.
  • Based on your interests, you can customize Twitter to your preferences. If this doesn’t suit you, just uncheck the box on the sign-up page. 

2. Choose your Twitter username 

After you click “Sign-Up,” Twitter will display a page with 3 suggested usernames.

Your username is one of the key components of your Twitter profile. It is important to choose a

good Twitter username that can help promote your brand, make it easy for you to be found and make you appear more genuine.

Here are some best practices to help you come up with the ideal username for your health & wellness business Twitter account:

Use a relevant name

Your Twitter name must be relevant to your company’s name. This way people can find your profile easily, because this name is displayed on your profile, and in your Twitter URL as well.

Your Twitter URL is usually “http://twitter.com/yourtwittername.” So when someone searches for your company, they will easily find your Twitter profile. If your Twitter name is something completely different from your real name it may make it hard for people to find your account.

Don’t use numbers

Seeing a number on a Twitter name, especially at the end, gives people the impression that it could be spam. Having a number in your username will make your profile harder to remember and harder to find. 

When people look up your name on Twitter, they will first go through the ones with the name only, and through several others with the same name and a number before finding you.

Be the first of your name

Try and get in there early to find the best Twitter name you can. If you’re first of your name, the next time someone types your name in the Twitter search bar, yours will be the first name that turns up.

Each day, hundreds of thousands of people sign up for a new account. So your preferred Twitter name for your company could be gone any second. This is why it’s important to take action and get your favorite Twitter handle for your health & wellness business.

Keep it short

The shorter it is, the easier it would be for someone to mention you in their Tweets because of the 140 character limit. If someone tweets something from your website but the tweet is too long to be shared, they will begin cutting down the hashtags and even your name to help fit it in. This is why you should choose a Twitter name that’s as short as possible.

Be unique

This is one way to get your account to standout. The more unique your Twitter name is, the easier it will be to find it. Ideally your username would be the same as your company name, if you already have a unique name.

Easy to remember

Whenever someone tweets something from your website, you need to encourage them to mention you. This will also help you get more Twitter followers and help build your Twitter presence. Make your name easy to remember so they can just add it to their Tweets. If it’s difficult to remember they will need to look for your username on your website and in search engines to find you each time.

3. Dress up your Twitter profile 

Your Twitter profile can be pretty plain-looking unless you add some personality to it. Add a profile picture, a header image, some information about your business and a link to your website.

Click on “Edit Profile” and fill out all the information. 

Upload a profile picture and a header photo that best represents your health & wellness brand. 

Add some text about your business, your company display name and your website. There is also an option to choose a “theme color” which will determine what color links and backgrounds you want your page to have. It is best to chose colors that blends well with your logo. 

When you’re done, click “Save Changes” in the upper right corner of the page.

4. What to tweet 

There are no hard and fast rules to the number of times you should tweet in a day. However, it is best to be regular in posting content that’s relevant to your target audience and applicable to your health & wellness business.

To help you create tweets that keep your audience engaged and initiate conversations, we’ve listed some tips below:

A concise tweet makes an impact

It’s a good idea to keep each tweet focused on one specific message rather than trying to communicate multiple things. Include a link to a blog post or website if you have a longer message to share.

Include visuals in your tweets

Give it a touch of personality by adding a bold image, GIF or video. This will lead to higher engagement since people are 3 times more likely to engage with tweets that have photos and videos. You can even attach up to 4 photos in a single tweet.

Use relevant hashtags

This is a powerful tool to widen your reach and tap into relevant conversations. Use keywords that are relevant to your business. It is recommended to use no more than 2 hashtags per tweet.

Ask question and run surveys

An effective way to interact with your audience is by asking questions. This brings readers into the conversation and will help you understand people’s opinions. Tweet open-ended questions or use Twitter polls to survey specific responses. 

Retweet and reply

Maintain an active Twitter presence by retweeting relevant content and replying to tweets. Messages that align with your business’ credibility, including positive customer feedback and helpful articles, are all good content to retweet. 

Remember that your retweets reflect on your business and therefore should align with your purpose and core values.

Be responsive to any questions, comments--whether positive or negative-- that come along. Resolve complex issues through direct message to avoid long exchanges.


Regardless of your business’s size or goals, using Twitter strategically for your health & wellness business involves much planning, creativity and continued optimization.

Twitter offers a very lucrative platform to connect and engage with your target audience. Take great care in setting up your Twitter account, start off by making sure that you choose the right Twitter name that represents what your health & wellness business is all about.

Dress up your profile with the appropriate profile picture and header photo that will reflect positively on your health & wellness brand.

Make sure your twitter strategy aligns with your overall company goals and core values. Tweet only topics and information that is relevant to your business, while retweeting and replying to as many followers as you can. This way you can be sure to successfully establish a presence on Twitter.

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